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"I decided to try (NCR) because I am always looking for a new edge in athletic performance... I definitely noticed a difference... I suggest for everyone, of any age, to give it a try and see what kind of results they leave with after the treatment!"

-BJ Penn (2x World Ultimate Fighting Championship Winner)


Through this 4 day treatment (1 hr per day) people are able to say goodbye to pain that has been with them for years!  Migraines, headaches, sinus issues, and neck pain are generally greatly reduced or completely eliminated by the end of the session.  Althletes are also realizing that this can be an amazing tool that can help optimize their athletic performance by increasing balance and focus.  Dr Strong is a certified NCR practitioner who has helped numerous people eliminate their pain and other structural issues for good.  This treatment is a breakthrough physical medicine technique that is changing the face of pain management and elimination across the globe!  Dr Strong has personally treated people from within the US, as well as internationally with great success.  For more info on this therapy, including a schedule of upcoming sessions, visit

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