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MTHFR/ nutrigenomics


Often times there is a mystery in the journey to optimal health that cannot be solved.  Looking to the genetic makeup of the person can often shed light on this.  Dr Strong has begun specializing in this field and now offers online consultation, as well, incorporating genetics into the whole picture and treatment plan for each patient.  MTHFR is a well-known gene that has to do with how the body processes folate and vitamin B12 and it often can cause health issues that go undetected for years and includes everything from fatigue to strokes. This process, called methylation, is VERY important for maintaining the proper balance in your body, including neurotransmitters that affect mood, antioxidant production, inflammation, and much more.  However, it's not as simple as just treating this gene, as many people try to do.  By looking at diet, lifestyle, and all the other genes that help make up methylation (and related processes) true healing can often be found after years of question marks and frustration.  The process is complex but Dr Strong hopes to make it understandable by all.  To read a very simple explanation click here. 





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