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We love our little patients!  We understand that keeping our keiki (children) healthy and happy is the most important job a parent can have.  We also understand that even the most simple decisions about healthcare can seem daunting and confusing when it comes to your child. Vaccinations, diet, sleep issues, colic... the decisions and challenges just never end.  The good news is you aren't alone!   While nobody but you can make a decision as to what is best for your child, we can offer a wealth of information and help you come to the right decision for your family.  As a mother of two girls Dr Strong is more than willing to get down on the floor with your child and make sure they feel as comfortable as possible during their visits.  They can enjoy our Keiki Corner while they wait, too!


Please note:  We do not do vaccinations at our clinic.  This is not because we are opposed to them, it is simply a matter of not using them enough to warrant the expense.  For patient's wishing to vaccinate, we will be happy to refer you to another practitioner for the injections 

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