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PRP (Protein Rich Plasma)


Naturopathic medicine always talks about the Vis, or the innate healing power within us.  PRP is the best marriage of science and nature.  With this process, your blood is drawn and spun down in a special machine that separates a layer of plasma that is rich in bioactive proteins.  These special factors are injected into joints to help repair torn ligaments by increasing cellular regeneration and other structures and into skin to increase the body's natural elasticity factors.  This minimally invasive procedure can be a cost-effective alternative to surgeries for joint issues and have profound results with little to no recovery time for cosmetic procedures.


PRP is a wonderful option for ligaments with minor tears or for joints that have cartilage and meniscus issues. Often it is combined with prolotherapy and ozone on an individual basis to make sure you get the best possible results.  Treatments are done in-office and have relatively little recovery time, allowing you to return to your life as soon as possible.


It's no crime to want to age gracefully but synthetic substances come with risk or allergic reactions and can make your face and neck look frozen and unnatural.  More and more people are choosing PRP facials and facelifts and using their body's own compounds to help rejuvenate their skin and keep you looking more vibrant and making sure you look as young as you feel!


Time and childbirth can take their toll on this tender area.  This procedure helps increase tone around the urethra and in the vaginal walls to help stop urinary incontinence, often in just a single treatment!  Combine with a clitoral injection to help increase sexual response and natural lubrication or use it to break up painful scar tissue.  Has been shown in some women to help with lichen sclerosis, as well.  In-office procedure has no recovery time.


When other treatments aren't working often times PRP can help men with a number of penile issues, such as erectile dysfunction and Peyronie's disease. PRP helps increase fibrin and growth factors in the penile tissue and can help break up scar tissue that can lead to painful curvatures.  In-office procedure has no recovery time. 





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