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Many of the signs of aging are actually caused by a decrease in certain hormones. As people age, fatigue, insomnia, irritability, and other symptoms may begin to interfere with quality of life.  While this is usually most obvious in women, men also experience symptoms as their hormone levels decrease.  We are also finding hormone imbalances in younger individuals, which can be caused by stress, poor diet, environmental causes, or other issues.  Gentle therapies such as dietary changes, supplement support, and non-prescription grade bioidentical hormones are often enough to help people feel like themselves again.  When this is not enough, prescription glandulars or bioidentical hormones may be used.  These animal & plant-derived drugs are used to increase hormone levels so that symptoms are decreased or eliminated. Patients experience increased energy & stamina, as well as a decrease in mood swings and other disruptive symptoms. The benefit of bioidenticals is that we can choose from several different ways of administration and can fine-tune the dosage to meet your individual needs. So, ask yourself, have you been yourself lately?

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