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Aesthetic Treatments


As you age the elasticity in your skin grows lax, leading to the inevitable effects of gravity.  Your decreasing hormones can lead to dullness in your overall complexion and lead to the appearance of larger pores and age spots.  Lips and cheeks may begin to be less full.  While your smiles and worries have made up your life and should not be forgotten, it doesn't mean you can't slow things down a bit.  We offer several autologous treatment options that use your own body's cells to help create the look of a younger, fresher you.  No toxins. No chemicals. Just your own natural fountain of youth (with all the wisdom you wish you had in youth)!  All procedures are done by Dr Strong with over a decade of needling experience.


We use the only FDA approved microneedling device, the SkinPen.  This technique helps minimize pore size, decrease fine lines, and even out discoloration.   Physician grade hyaluronic acid is used to help soothe and even out skin tone.


Combines PRP serum with the microneedling to help stimulate your body's growth factors add the extra level to your facial. This is highly recommended over just microneedling, as these growth factors are what will continue to increase the elasticity in your skin long after the treatment.  In fact, with PRP facials and face lifts the maximum benefits are seen 4-6 months after the cells have had the time to fully do their job!  Your skin will thank you!


Uses PRP injections into selected areas to help stimulate growth factors production in the deeper layers of the skin to help lift the face, accentuate cheeks, and minimize fine lines.  Get results similar to artificial chemicals and toxins with your body's own natural cells and results that last much longer!  After the initial treatments (typically a series of 3) recommended maintenance is only once a year (as opposed to every 3 mo for other similar treatments)!


This treatment uses PRP and PPP (the plasma left when making PRP) that has been heated through a specific series of temperatures to form a gel-like substance.  This is used in the same fashion as other synthetic fillers but with the added benefit of helping your body create it's own growth factors to actually minimize these lines over time (especially when combined with PRP) and with more long-lasting effects than synthetic treatments.


Similar to the PRP facials this treatment combines PRP injections and microneedling to help stimulate hair follicles that have been recently deactivated.  (Please note that this does not work on areas that have had long-term complete hair loss.  Ideal for areas of thinning or recent balding).




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