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The "Simple" Guide to a Healthy Diet

Following the right diet is easy... just follow these simple steps!

Eat dairy. It has calcium. It isn't digested anymore after age 3. You just have to eat vegetables. But don't eat nightshades like peppers and tomatoes because they are inflammatory. Also, don't juice your vegetables because then you lose the fiber. Except you condense the nutrients, which is awesome. Unless you use too many carrots and then you turn orange. Also don't eat brassicas like cabbage and broccoli because they can hurt your thyroid. They also prevent cancer. Seaweed is good for your thyroid, though. It comes from Japan and is full of radiation. Whole grains are also an important part of a healthy diet. Being vegan is really the best way to go. Lots of whole grains. Ancient man didn't eat grains. Really, you should just eat meat and vegetables and fruit. No grains. No legumes. No sugar. Chocolate and alcohol don't count, though. 95% for your body and 5% for your soul. That's a good diet plan. Maybe if it's 80/20 today you can just try harder tomorrow. If you stress about it you won't digest your food. Chocolate really is quite good for you-it has antioxidants. Is it gluten free, though? Gluten is bad. You should just eat gluten free foods instead. They are made from rice and corn and potato. Except corn is all GMO and rice is a grain and potatos are a nightshade. Fruit is great. Not too much fruit, though, or you will end up with systemic candida. Why not try just eating raw? Cooking the food kills the nutrients. Cooked food is much easier to digest. Although you really should eat foods based on your blood type. Unless it says you should eat gluten. Or grains. Or meat. Or vegetables. Or fruit.

Bon Appetit and remember- no one diet is perfect for everyone. Find what works for you!

Aloha, Dr Sarah Strong, ND

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