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If you have had a positive experience and would like to post a testimonial, please email it to or post it on facebook if you are a fan of Hilo Natural Health Clinic.  Testimonials and referrals are the best way to say thank you.  They are all greatly appreciated.  Mahalo and aloha.

Thanks to Dr. Sarah Strong I no longer have High Blood Pressure!!! No more meds... Been sick from Monday and she sent me vitamins today, I know I'll be better soon. Just hearing her name makes me feel better, Thank

you Dr. Strong: Strong Medicine Gentle Healing

                                                  ♥ -E.H. Keaau, HI

 YOU'VE CHANGED MY LIFEstyle"... I walked into your office with daily headaches, fatigue, high blood pressure & ulcer issues. 3 months later...they are all a thing of the past!  After our consultation and follow up appointment, you've provided suggestions, input, advice and your "doctor knowledge" to suit my needs.  I've adjusted my eating habits, increased the level & frequency of my exercise and simply taking time for myself on a regular basis.  Your website and regular recipes allow me to maintain the healthy eating with fresh and new ideas. Small adjustments & Big Results.  Thank you Sarah                          -Rochelle.  Hilo, HI

We LOVE Dr Sarah!  

She has helped me tremendously with great advise and supplements! –Judy Moa, Kailua-Kona, HI

I am extremely happy with Dr Sarah’s services.  She is extremely professional.  I would recommend her to any and all friends who want to be accountable for their own health. – William Billock, Pahoa, HI

 Dr Sarah is the most kind-hearted, thorough doctor I have ever used.  She takes the time to gather all the information, no matter how small or insignificant.  You really feel as if you’re her only patient in the world!  I adore her so much even though my family has insurance that doesn’t cover her, we still go to her, no matter what’s going on.  She is amazing with the biggest heart! –Lynn Howard, Hilo, HI

 Dr Strong is incredible.  She has a wonderful caring energy and is dedicated to your health.  Her knowledge is unmatched by most doctors.  Treatments are effective and powerful.  Dr Sarah is a healer! –Mikale Hudson, Hilo, HI

 Dr Strong’s gentle & holistic approach actually makes me look forward to going to the doctor! – Jess Rojas, Kurtistown, HI

Enjoyed the professional, yet personal service that Dr Strong provides.

–Bruce Omori, Hilo, HI

 Dr Sarah is the type of doctor that you go to not only when you’re sick, but she’s the person to keep you healthy!  She takes time to listen and get to know you.  She also works with a close group of other health practitioners (acupuncturists, massage therapists) who work together and work with you to achieve your full, healthy potential.  Last but not least, she is amazing with kids, too!  

-Hopkins Ohana, Hilo, HI

 Sarah is a great physician who genuinely cares about each individual patient. – Katie Lambert, Hilo, HI

 Sarah Strong is knowledgeable, kind, compassionate, and the person you need to see if you are looking for healthcare.  Sarah is the country doctor everyone looks for in the big city.  Your health is your life.  Don’t give it away to the big healthcare.  Let a healer hold it for you with experience and compassion!

–Casey Kochmer, Hilo, HI

The supplements are really great and I feel Dr Strong took the time to understand me and my needs before recommending which supplements would be good for me.

–Heather H., Pahoa, HI

 Sarah is one of the most thorough & conscientious practitioners I have ever met.  I highly recommend her services to anyone looking to improve their health & well-being. – Sherri Carden, Kea’au, HI

 Dr Sarah was able to get rid of the heavy metal poisoning I had! – Jim Brown, Kea’au, HI

 Dr Sarah is great.  I felt as if she was interested in me and my overall health, not only what my immediate health concerns were.  Mahalo! –Kealii Beck, Hilo, HI

My daughter Bobbi was experiencing lower back pain and has mild scoliosis.  Dr Sarah gave her a very thorough exam, made a few adjustments, which gave her instant relief.  Also, Dr Sarah taught her several exercises to strengthen her core and stretch those muscles to prevent future episodes.  Mahalo Dr Sarah! – Loretta Montibon, Hilo, HI

I want to thank Dr. Sarah Strong for all her kindness as well as her wealth of

knowledge as a doctor.  My first visit to her was for my son. He was about 1

year old and had been sitting on my bed.  Quicker than I could react he slipped

backwards off the bed which was very high and landed on his back and head. I

immediately rushed him to my pediatrician, who just patted his head and told

me “he would be fine and to just watch him.”  I did what I was told and took him

home. For two days my son did not sleep well and even winced when I would

pick him up. He seemed uncomfortable and not as happy as he usually had been.  

Finally I heard some one give a raving review of Dr. Sarahs’ services, so I decided to ask her is she would see my son. She got him in that morning and to my delight, my son responded to her right off.   She checked his eyes, his neck, his head, and even removed his shirt and  discovered his shoulder blade was and back was out of alignment.  She recommended a pediatric chiropractor and sent us home feeling “Cared For”. She spent the time to get to know my son and myself.  From that day on my husband and I decided that we would see Dr. Sarah for any matter we might need.  This was the best decision we made for our families healthcare. 

 We have been successfully treated by Dr. Sarah for flu, ear aches, and a bladder infection for my son who is now 2 and a half years. He calls her Auntie Sarah now and never feels shy about seeing her.  Personally Dr. Sarah has helped me through vog allergies with her special handmade formula of her Voggy Daze tincture, as well as whipping up in the kitchen a special “Get me through the week” stress tincture she made for me when I was feeling overwhelmed. I don’t hesitate a second to ask Dr. Sarah FIRST for her advice on anything health related.  I have truly come to appreciate Dr. Sarah’s knowledge, experience, professionalism, and best of all, her genuine kindness. 

 I have recommended my whole extended family to Dr. Sarah, as well as friends, and even strangers I may meet that could benefit from Hilo Natural Health Clinic.  Dr. Sarah not only gives back to the community with her knowledge, she also surrounds herself with similarly knowledgeable practitioners...  I would recommend Dr. Sarah Strong and Hilo Natural Health Clinic to anyone seeking quality health care. 

                                                                                   Thank you Dr. Sarah Strong.  -Cheriess Bugado, Hilo, Hawaii

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